Listen Live to KIRO Sports Radio in Seattle

If you live in Seattle, you might want to listen to KIRO Sports Radio. This station has been consistently placing among the top stations in the Seattle Arbitron ratings. Their morning news is also near the top. They even have talk shows.

KIRO’s morning news consistently placed at or near the top of the Seattle Arbitron ratings

KIRO is a station in Seattle that has been in the top three for ratings for decades. In fact, the Seattle Arbitron rating has consistently placed the morning news program of KIRO at or near the top of the market for the past three years.

But despite its consistent placement, KIRO has seen some rocky times lately. The morning news program recently lost the top spot. For the past two years, the morning show was the fourth-ranked station in the market, a drop of two spots.

It is possible that the change in direction of KIRO’s programming is causing the ratings to dwindle. However, KIRO still has a strong, conservative voice. Among its host, Allan Prell has been the 13th-ranked late-morning show in the market this season.

On the other hand, KIRO’s late-night show has been a ratings winner. Whenever the station broadcasts a Seattle Mariners game, the ratings rise.

When Ross left his afternoon show in January to run for Congress, it lowered KIRO’s rating. He ran for the 8th Congressional District, and he lost. After losing the race, he returned to KIRO.

KIRO’s talk shows

When it comes to KIRO’s talk shows, there’s no shortage of high-powered wacky fun. The top of the line shows aired on a number of frequency bands, from AM to FM to a few satellites in between. Among the more popular shows are the daytime behemoths such as the Morning News with Colleen O’Brien and the aforementioned Morning News with Tom & Curley. While most listeners aren’t as lucky to have their favorite local news anchors on the air, the fact remains that the station does deliver an enlightening amount of news and information every day of the week. KIRO’s longstanding partnership with CBS News Radio means that listeners get the latest world news as well as local and national coverage. It’s not uncommon to hear the likes of Gordon Deal and George Noory on the air.

Besides the regular ol’ morning news, KIRO’s news department also boasts a bevy of paid and brokered programs. In the past few years, they’ve launched the sexiest ladies in radio, a game show that pits a sextuque against a sexique in a round of bingo and the latest in digital entertainment.

Seattle Seahawks

KIRO is a Seattle radio station that’s been around since the early 70’s. It was a flagship station for the Seattle SuperSonics and Seattle Sounders of the NASL. Nowadays, KIRO is owned by Bonneville International in Salt Lake City. Aside from the city of Seattle, KIRO broadcasts sports games for teams in British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Washington and Quebec.

KIRO isn’t limited to sports; the station is also a leading news outlet with more than 100 hours of live programming per week. KIRO is also an ESPN Radio Network affiliate. This means you’ll find top-notch local and national sports programming. You can also listen to Seattle Sports 710 podcasts.

The KIRO ole was one of the first to air a “Made in Seattle” commercial, and they have been a major player in the Seattle football scene for years. For fans of ’em olde high school, you’ll be glad to know that KIRO’s flagship station is the same one you’ll hear on the FM dial.

Washington State University Cougars

If you live in the Seattle area, you can watch the Washington State University Cougars play on the radio. KIRO Sports Radio is the station to listen to. It carries local and national sports programming as well as local events. Whether you want to hear the latest scores from the Seattle Seahawks, the Mariners, or the NFL, KIRO has it.

The radio station’s studios are located on Eastlake Avenue in the Eastlake district of Seattle. Aside from sports, KIRO also broadcasts news and interviews. In the early 1980s, KIRO was the market’s highest-rated radio station. KIRO was also the flagship station for the SuperSonics and the NASL’s Seattle Sounders.

During the 1990s, KIRO carried the Washington Huskies and Washington State University Cougars. This coverage began two hours before kickoff. You can listen to these games on your local radio station or on the internet.

For the last 11 seasons, Jessamyn McIntyre has served as the Washington State University Cougars’ sideline reporter. She is returning for the 2011 season. Brink has been a part of ESPN 1080 in Portland, Portland’s Rip City Radio, and NBCSports Northwest in Portland.