Effingham Radio Police Blotter

If you are an Effingham, Illinois resident and you want to keep updated on what is happening in the city, you may want to subscribe to the Effingham radio police blotter. The Effingham radio police blotter features the latest news from both the Effingham City Police and the Effingham County Sheriff’s Department. This means that you will receive updates regarding crimes, traffic accidents, road closures and much more.

Effingham City Police

In what may be the longest day of the year, the Effingham City Police Department is a force to be reckoned with. The department boasts a full time, and part time, policing staff in a city that measures in at just under 34 square miles.

To keep up with the ever growing population of Effingham County, the department employs a number of law enforcement and public safety professionals. Its motto is “We are all in this together.” Effingham has been called the safest county in Illinois. This is thanks in part to its extensive crime prevention and community relations program. Effingham is home to one of the largest concentrations of Lake Sara residents in the state. And a recent poll found that a majority of Effingham residents are satisfied with the local government.

Effingham is home to the Effingham State Hospital and the Effingham Police Department headquarters. There are 10 incorporated cities within the county including Altamont, Guyton, and Teutopolis. Effingham is located in southeast Illinois, about halfway between Springfield and Chicago. A population of over 34,000 people makes the area a draw for both visitors and residents alike. For those seeking a respite from the hubbub of the big city, the Effingham City suburbs are an alternative.

Effingham County Sheriff’s Office

The Effingham County Sheriff’s Office was founded in 1833 and continues to provide the apex of law enforcement. They boast the largest police force in the state with a cadre of dedicated personnel that patrol 850 miles of rural roadways and 702 township roads. With an impressive array of vehicles and equipment, the deputies are capable of handling just about anything that comes their way. In fact, the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office is the only countywide law enforcement agency to hold a slew of state wide awards.

Using a combination of modern technology and old fashioned common sense, the deputies have been able to make their way through over a dozen high profile homicide cases, two major traffic accidents, several traffic stops, and several other routine patrols. Some of their most notable arrests include a 32 year old man accused of burglary in the middle of the night and a 21 year old female accused of committing the sins of drunk driving and domestic battery.

The Effingham County Sheriff’s Office has been around for nearly four centuries and has served the community in times of peace, war, and tyranny. Although the sheriff’s office has no official website, you can visit their Facebook page for up-to-date news and current events.

Illinois State Police

The Illinois State Police is a state law enforcement agency that was formed in 1922. It is the primary law enforcement agency in Effingham County. There are 21 districts in the state. One of the original State Police headquarters is located in Effingham.

Patrol Troopers are the members of the Illinois State Police who respond to calls for service. They conduct general patrol functions, safety related education, and occupant restraint enforcement.

Officers from the Illinois State Police conducted a Roadside Safety Check in Effingham County. The check is designed to keep dangerous DUI offenders off the road. In addition to checking for drivers under the influence, officers also enforced occupant restraint laws.

During the check, officers found numerous violations. They also arrested several people for various offenses. They were charged with retail theft>$300, unlawful possession of a controlled substance, hypodermic needle, and possession of more than five grams of methamphetamine with intent to deliver.

Another check was conducted at the Altamont Walmart. Police arrested Richard M. Chambers for driving while license suspended. He was later released. Others arrested included Jordan M. Thomas, who was charged with retail theft>$300, and Guang W. Gao, who was charged with unlawful possession of three or more credit/debit cards.